Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tom Sutcliffe - The Elements of Fly Tying

The Elements of Fly Tying - Tom Sutcliffe

Tom Sutcliffe's latest book on fly tying , is available in store as of today. As you all know, Tom is most probably the country's most respected fly fisherman. He is a true gentleman , always has time to answer a question and to give a bit of advice on his favourite subject , Fly Fishing.

In this book Tom share his years of tying and fishing with a fly rod. He tie the flies he use and became famous for. This is a excellent easy to use and understand , kind of hands on publication that should be in each and every fly tier's library.

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Ricko & Murray

Highland Run - Spekboom River

Highland Run - April 2008

George at beat 13 into a nice Rainbow

I arrived just after lunch on Friday afternoon, quickly unpacked the vehicle , rigged the rods and then i waited.George , arrived just after 3 and we were down at the river in a flash. On his 3rd cast he hooked into a nice rainbow drifting a white egg pattern and a beady blood worm down the current.
According to Dough Starling ( the owner of Highland Run ) the river has not been this high late April in over 22 years. The water was gin clear and pushing nicely.

George again, this 12 inch rainbow was hooked during a mayfly hatch. George had about 15 casts and on every drift with the DDD he was hit.

Duncan MacDonald Snr. , was fishing just downstream from first crossing when he hooked into a proper trout. He spend maybe an hour at this pool and landed roughly ( you know how we fisherman count) 8 good trout.

With the strong water , the river is really nice and high. I fished beat 14 and on 17 consecutive cast / steps , caught 17 wild spawn 'bows. This awesome specimen was the smallest of the lot.

How is this for luck, 3 eggs , 3 doubles. I did phone my dearest wife to get some Lotto tickets, but seeing i am writing this , it is quite clear the lotto did not come our way.

This Brown Trout was hooked just above Nooitgedacht , beat 33. It took a size 18 metal caddis. A really healthy cock fish.

This is Hawk Eye MacDonald again. He refused to fish the white egg , and caught all his fish on Beady Blood worms, Metal Caddises, San Juan worms and small Biot Mayfly Nymphs.

At the end of a good fishing day .
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Time is Dry

Morris with a NICE Yellow taken on a BIG May
Towards the end of April and right through May the yellows start to move into the deeper water. This also trigger them feeding of the surface a bit more aggressive during the later part of the day and even right into night time.
So , get your BIG caddis and mayfly dries ready , put new batteries into your Petzel head lamp and head out to your favoured tail end on the Vaal.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wish we were there moments

Dion de Klerk and Friend
photo by Hanno Vlok

Dry as a Bone
photo by Herman Botes

Super 14 Rugby time on Farquhar Island
( check out the TV )

Hanno and Mr T.