Wednesday, March 24, 2010

If I Had Not Seen It With My Own Eyes.

Hi , this is a short story by a sporting gentleman who popped in to the shop all the way from Australia.

Enjoy !

If I Had Not Seen It With My Own Eyes.

Neil Goodings

It was during my second visit but first with rod in hand to the splendid sporting retreat of Twin Lakes just out of Hobart.

The first afternoon was spent casting to the murky depths of Niffty,s lake for a shot at one of the huge browns that live there. As the afternoon turned to the evening shades that only Tasmania can offer the fishing just got better and better until I could double haul no longer and besides I found that the pungent odor that punched me in the nose every few minutes was in fact Me!

So after a long shower that found me staring at the wall for long periods thinking of the great weights of fish that I had tempted with my amateurish attempt at fly tying, and of getting some great shots of fine, superb conditioned fish, it was off down the track for dinner with our fine hosts the Cooks, Rosie and Ian.

After more than one or two reds Ian told of great trout that were so big they ate ducklings, yes ducklings. It was about this time I felt that someone had pinned a note to my shirt with the word “sucker” written in bold red letters. I am not sure of the quantity of alcohol consumed but then it was the next day…..

We decided to rest the water of the top lake and headed off at first light to the bottom and larger lake. As we sneaked past the Cook,s home I am sure I could still hear them laughing about the gullible Welshman and the duck story.

Then it happened.

As we neared the shoreline we startled up a mother duck and her five ducklings no more that a few days old. As we watched them paddle away looking a little like the wall hangings at my mother house when I was a child a sixth duckling started out after the now perfectly formed front group. The comment was made, how he or she had better be careful that the “giant trout “did not pick him or her out for breakfast. Then with hardly a swirl the hapless duckling was no more, not a splash, no feathers, in fact nothing like we saw in Jaws at all, just no duckling.

This is not a Loch Ness story but would not have believed it if in deed I had not seen it with my own two eyes and with another witness to verify my story as fact.

Already working on the ducking fly.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Romancing the Stone

After countless hours at the vice , this is what Murray made happen. For those of you who did not notice the hook , have a real close look. The detail is unbelievable, it might even look as if the real thing was skewered to be fish food.

Take note of the vanes on the the wings, all done by hand and a lot of patience. You will also notice the segmentation on the body... and the claw tips at the end of the feet.

A true master piece demonstrating technique , material manipulation and craftsmanship. This truly reflects the passion Murray has for the art of Fly Tying.

Currently Murray is busy with a Leopard Frog , once done we will post it to the blog.

Off course these flies are for sale , Murray can also be commissioned to tie your fly of choice.

You can contact Murray on :
+27 11 705 1190
+27 11 467 2034

Thursday, March 11, 2010

On the Cards soon

Yet another week seen its a.. Another week of NO fishing on the Vaal river , i can tell you , my eyes are bugger d from looking at the computer screen all day , they need some River to look at now!
There is something interesting happening soon, will keep you posted .... Classic Collectables...

As you all know by now , every Tuesday evening at 19:00 Murray ties a few flies in the shop . This week he demonstrated some CDC " the miracle feather" patterns.

We also had some news on a special rate for SA citizens to Desroches ( Seychelles)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hackle's & Parachutes

The 2 flies tied last Tuesday , Murray discussed hackle techniques. The Soft hackle is used on the swing or as a dropper fly when fishing still waters.
The Parachute May ( Straw ) is one of our favorite flies during April , May , June & July on the Vaal river. This guy has been eaten plenty by some proper yellows

Remember , next Tuesday , tying again , same place ( FlyFishers Unlimited same time ( 19:00)

We will do CDC ( Fly Tying )

Monday, March 1, 2010

Open Day - Thanks every one !!!

Thanks to every body who visited the shop on Saturday. We really had a great time. This is a few pictures of the day.
Remember , we do have our weekly tying on Tuesday 2 morrow evening again.
See you then.

Best ,

Murray & Ricko