Friday, October 22, 2010

Vaal river once again

We were out at Woelwaters on Wednesday morning. Not to many yellows , but a whole heap of MUDDIES.
This was the average size of the yellows caught ,..

Some spawning Muddies , they were all over the river!

The bullets

Friday, October 15, 2010

Yellows for Youngster's

Thank You Morris,
I actually do not know how to start this blog post, but like Gary Borger said , a good place to start is at the beginning.
Being in the FlyFishing industry one do get the odd invitation to visit some really excellent waters. The stuff you normally only read about in the magazines or hear about the guy with a mate , whom has a spot on a friends farm , ...

Well , we have one of those .

Also being very blessed with a son who is MAD keen on FlyFishing it is never a problem to get permission from the wife.

Thanks Morris

A very Proud Dad and a very happy son.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Lesotho 2010

Lesotho 2010
A very skinny river

A very good client and friend , Dave, had a awesome trip in Lesotho about a month ago. This is just some photos of him and his fishing buddies Johan , Barend and another Johan

Have a look at the tail on this Brown, a true river fish in every sense off the word.

Transport the Lesotho way , you hike in and the horses carry your gear .

The guys had some really good fishing , even though the river was very low. Dave manage to land a brown of close to 7lb's!

On the way down the mountain, still very dry and dull. This was after a disappointing snowfall during winter 2010

Thank you guys for the photos , and for the feed back.

Best regards

Ricko & Murray

Friday, October 8, 2010

a Day out on the Vaal

A Fine day out

Wednesday , Murray and 3 clients went out to the Vaal ( Ben Jo) . The yellows were spawning very sporadicly , thus they did not fish the shallow gravel beds. All the yellows were caught in waist to knee deep water .
John joined us for the first time on the River , well , it is not the biggest of fish , but, definitely good enough to hook John for life.

Stephan joined us after a very long DRY spell in his FlyFishing career, his best fish for the day was just over 2kg's .

Shane manage to land this beauty, a awesome yellow of close to 4 Kg's. Well done Shane !

Thanks guys for a good day on our Vaal River!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chicken for Dinner


These two hatchling imitations were tied by John Travis.

The expression of these guys tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

John is still to name them , but i do not think the Bass will mind if he doesn't.

Thanks John, awesome!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Costa Rica Tarpon - 2010

TARPON - Costa Rica 2010
This magnificent photo of Peter Whittaker and a 130lb Tarpon was captured on film by his son Kevin. ( Thank you Peter and Kevin ).
Peter and Kevin joined us this past September in Costa Rica , fishing for BIG Tarpon.

Well , both had a trip of note. This is also a first for any of our groups , landing a monster fish like this of the beach!

Kevin also landed some brutes and as in the past, Peck put his boat right on the mark.

We will post some more photo's and a bit of the fishy stories in my next post.
All the best,

Murray & Ricko