Friday, December 24, 2010

News from Seychelles

This Wahoo did not "Clip" the leader .
It is said , a wahoo will reach a speed of 130Km/h in one and a half time it's own body length. Blitzig !!
Another Sail .

Thanks again to Lu and Yaqhim , both these guy's work for Untamed Angling at Deroches Island , Seychelles.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Rod Building Workshop @ FlyFishers Unlimited

Just a few photo's to let you in to "our World"

The Rod Building Room at the shop ( FlyFishers Unlimited )

Some Rhythm 9 and 5 wt's ready to get some guides put on them.

Some Thomas & Thomas blanks on the point to become :
" The Rod You Will Eventually Own"

Rod's on the drying racks, this happen after we did a coat of epoxy on the tread.

Some rods ready for collection , some still to be finished and as always , some to be fished!
Elpus and myself have been building fly rods for the past 18 years . We do rods in all configurations and of course on all blanks , also we can do a real CUSTOM rod with air brush work or even Scrimshaw on the Blank.
Give us a ring or drop us a mail if you need more info.

Monday, December 13, 2010

How's your WAHOOOO and a Sail

Thanks Lu , if you have a look at our second last post " Fancy Flies " you will note one of them on the " Hoooo's " scissors.

Another very happy Client , Llewellyn guided of Derosches Island " Seychelles". Again , the fly used was tied in the shop by Elphus .

Thanks , all the best.
Murray , Ricko & Elphus

A bit more Yellow

Ted , thank you for the update. It's always a pleasure to get some photo's of you and the awesome yellows you catch.

Well done !!

You can see the " width " on this fish , a proper one!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Large mouth Yellow

Large Mouth Yellow Fish

Gerhard landed the awesome Largie yesterday on the Vaal. This fish took a Copper Brasie # 14 tied to 4X tippet.
This just make you realize , if it's your fish , you will catch it !

Well done , Mnr v Vuuren