Friday, September 7, 2012

Back in Joburg ,..

As I am sitting here in the back office typing , the second group of guys are heading down a narrow mountain pass to the mouth of the Sixiola river in Costa Rica.  What a really crappy feeling ! , not going down the pass , but typing this while I know what is going to happen once your fly hits the water,...

In the past eight years our travel side , FlyTravel , has taken us and a bunch of really great guys and girls to some of the globes most exotic , far away places one could whish to visit. The best part of this , but definately not the most important , we always had a fly rod in somewhere in the bag.

With 2012 nearly kaput , i look back at some of the highlights we had.

Sterkfontein ,  where else in the world could you sight fish to golden yellow Small mouth and bullet silver Large mouth yellow fish. As your Good Doctors Beetle hit the surface , the yellow accelerate and literally nail your fly as if he wants to kill it !

Then I was of to CUBA , this was my 3rd season to the land of Bonefish, Permit , Tarpon and the Salsa. Not to forget the Cuba Libre's , Mojitos and White Daiquiris ( men don't do pink drinks). Unfortuanately we had a really bad patch of weather, the clouds were very low , thus we could not sight fish to cruising Tarpon.

This wasn't all bad , we had unbelievable Bone fishing ,  the last time i saw a 10lb bone half out the water was back in Farquhar 2008. ( No Wayne , this is not the type of bone..r    you are thinking of ).

My fingers are all typed out now . I will carry on with Bolivia , Zambia and Costa Rica tomorrow, ...

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