Friday, August 15, 2008

Engogo - Trout Lodge

Johan Geldenhuys visited Engogo a while ago , have a look at some off his picks .

How's this for a Dragonfly Nymph. This is like a Man size T-Bone for a Trout ( Mr. Wallington , you will enjoy this photo)

Some of the brown trout to be caught at Engogo, note the white band on the fins, an awesome fish.

All for now, i am on my way to catch some trooot at Highland Runn , see u on Monday.

FlyFishers on the Square

The new Look FlyFishers Unlimited.

This is a view of the PIRANNA deck , long and very "serious" conversations on FlyFishing and things will take place here. We will also have live Rugby , off course only when the Boks or the Bulls play well.

Yes , it does look like a one way mirror, but this is the most technologically advanced rod building workshop in SA. Elphus and i will spend a lot off our time here. Also keep in mind we do give rod building
lessons , should you want to build your own stick.

The following shot is part off our extensive range of fly tying material and Murray's pride and joy - THE TYING BENCH -. The bench can seat 4 tiers easy , and with Murray close by you will have a tying experience of note.
All our contact details off course remained the same:

Tel : 011 705 1190
467 2034
Fax: 705 1188
This pick is not upside down, yes the boats are in the roof. We now carry a full range off float tubes and kick boats from Classic Accessories. The BIG guy can even do river work ( down the rapids)

Please feel free to come and have a cup of coffee or a cold one and experience FlyFishers as never before.


Murray , Ricko & Elphus

( below is a map with GPS point to get to us)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

South African Trout in Danger?

From today's Times