Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rio Azul - March 2009

Murray , Alison and Andi just returned from a 7 day trip at Rio Azul. Rio Azul is situated just off BD point , about 90 km's north of Villanculos MZ.
How's this for a queen fish on fly

A smile like this do deserve a photo, yip Murray's smile too.

Juvenile GT

Andi and a nice Yellow spot king fish

a New species for Andi , - Indian Mirror Fish-

These guys do pull your arms longer!!!

not another one , Andi , well done to Craig and Pam , you run a superb operation

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sterkies once again - can't get enough!

The view from our possie at the parks board center.

Spot the HOPPER, and then the real deal down stairs.


This is a Sterkfontein Largie, note the position off the eye's, quite a bit above the "middle" line of the fish. This is one of the ways to distinguish between a Large or Small mouth yellow.

Some " take away's"


Just a nice golden Yellow

Elphus doing the Sterkies thing

How's this , all hooked on Bionics. Tyrone took this fish on a Bionic Bug. ( really clever fish?)

Some more "Fish Food"

HOW can you miss?

This was the fish off the weekend , a 3kg + small mouth yellow.