Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tiger Time 2012

CJ Cronje with his first 8lb Tiger fish ( On Fly )

 Well , it has been some time since I last published something on the blog. Plenty fish have been caught and lost , lots of new fishing friends made , and even more knots tied. All and all a awesome time next to a piece of water be it a river in Zambia or on a skiff in Cuba.

Duncan Moth and a trophy Tiger  of 16lb's 

This is some photos of our recent trips to Sekoma Island , Zambia. 

 We had a awesome time. Murray is still out there as i write this . Who knows , maybe tomorrow someone hook and land the elusive 25lb'r . We have seen those guys around.
CJ and myself (Ricko) with a good 12lb Tiger.

Thanks for looking at this , have a great weekend!