Saturday, November 27, 2010

Some fancy Flies

Just a quick post , the guys have been tying some awesome Sailfish , Marlin , GT's and Tarpon flies lately.

Some Profile Tube Flies , note the Cam Sigler type popping head .

A Blast from the Past - The MASTER BLASTER , no self respecting GT can let one of these go past.

A Schoolie, a bunch of Tarpon Flies on their way to GABON . Hopefully we will be able to publish some pic's.


Ricko & Murray

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Shark Tale

All the way from the Pirate invested Seychelles ,
Lu Claven and a very happy client. The thing these days is to fish for Nice Sharks on the Flats. Lu and his team at Desroshes Island seemed to have cracked the code.

n Maase Haai.

As you can see from the photos , the guys are fishing really shallow flats. Normally the fishing will pick up on an outgoing tide. As the water warms up the sharks tend to pull in.

Thanks Llewellyn, awaiting our next Seychelles report soon.

" one more thing, as you all know , fishing the outer islands on a live aboard yacht has been stopped by the Seychelles government. This leave Desrosches Island Resort one of the few destinations still fishable in Sey. If you need more info you can get hold of us or them direct."

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Life after the Challenge ?

Inter Galactic Yellow Fish Challenge 2010

As in the past the 5th Annual Inter Galactic Yellow Fish Challenge did not disappoint in entertainment value and of course the fishing ( this is why we go...)

Spirits were high after the victory of the Bok's over Wales , the true loyal patriotic South African came out in all of us , rather I stop at this point.

A few guest's also made their appearance's , oom Koos Wye Voete , RicieLu and of course the Captain himself with his Red Hart and all.

This year we had 3 teams participating, all the usual suspects and then the new guys from the FAR EAST. Paul Andrews captained the one team , Wayne O the other and Brian Jameson the winning team.

With a very simple scoring system , 1 point to 1 yellow fish Brian's team managed to land 15 yellows , Paul's 14 and Wayne's 13. Jip we were in " LUCKY " team 13 and of course next years challenge is on us.

Thanks to Andre and his team at Wag n Bietjie Eco farm for looking after us , we will recommend you where ever possible.




Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Golden Masheer from India

All the way from India,

Andi Spielmann just returned from a exploratory trip to India , fishing of course.
He did manage to land several Masheer.

an Adult damsel fly , thanks for the pic. Andi.

All the right gear. Fishing for Masheer you need a 7 wt fly rod and a few Largemouth Yellow fish flies. Andi asked us to build him a 7wt THOMAS & THOMAS Apex , he used a Ross EVO LT 3 reel and one of the new Airflo Clear lines.

Masheer of up to 40lb's have been caught out of this pool. ( no not only in the 1930's )

We are currently working on a trip to float the river . This should happen during October 2011 , we will keep you posted.

Friday, November 5, 2010

The PERFECT Hardy and a MIller

Thanks to Moldy Chum ( , some nice Vintage "art"

With this collection of Hardy Perfect reels one could most probably pay the entire Pakistani Cricket team to throw all the games against South Africa. Luckily it is the possession of a very proud Australian gentleman.

Some more of his reels, a awesome collection .

His collection consist of more than 380 Hardy reel alone , and who know's how many other makes. I do know he owns a few Ross Reels as well.

Thank you sir for sharing this with us.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Amper Klaar 2010

Well ,well as the heading put it, nearly done. What a year we had ! Some serious fish and some really good friendships.

From the Tarpon and Bone fish caught in Cuba , to the Tigers on the Zambezi at Sekoma , even a few Yellow fish from Israel and a trout or two from Tasmania.
2010 will also be remembered as one of THE Costa Rica Tarpon Experiences , 199 Tarpon Jumped and only 61 boated , the biggest being 168lb , smallest 22lb.

Logo designed by ONE THREAD

In two weeks time we will have our 6th Inter Galactic Yellow Fish Challenge at Wag n Bietjie. Last years champions will be served by the losing team , cant wait! This event started of in 2004 with 4 guys , now we fish with 28 anglers , who knows maybe next year we will be 50 ( unfortunately this is a " by invitation only " event)

Wayne O with a 4.7 KG small mouth Yellow fish he landed at last years event.

Graham is currently fishing Sterkfontein , well I hope he is...I will give you some feed back upon his return. Also to let you know , if you need any Sterkies or other flies , we run a CUSTOM tying section in store.

The long awaited FOSAF guide to venues is available at the shop. A nice stocking filler .

And then , i must compliment the Sharks on their win over WP . Well done.