Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hopper magic

On our recent trip to Sterkfontein we found the Yellow's were not really eating the conventional flies we always used. Well we had a surprise up our sleeve's

Notice the nylon loop tied in at the hook bend. Most of you are familiar with static nymphing for trout. One would suspend a team of nymphs ( flies) below a strike indicator or a high floating dry fly.

Well with this loop , one would tie your team and the just loop to loop it to the BIG hopper. Some fish even had a go at the hopper!

The end result!


Carlos Del Rey. said...

Good pattern, it can work with Spanish Barbels.

Jiraff said...

Or maybe ours will like it.
Will try and tie some, have an original one here...

Ricko said...

Thanks guys for your comments. You guys fish the Bionic Bug's?

Anonymous said...

if u in a rush why dont u just loop to hook it will leave half the mess behind the fly...the yellows r not that strong they shouldnt snap it